Welcome to Global information Services, a non-profit 501(c)(3) Organization now approaching its 12th year and formed to shed light on areas not given honest and balanced coverage. Please help us strengthen our global reach by making a tax-deductible donation and/or volunteering. Our current film project is entitled "America, Israel and Palestine: Cause and Effect" and includes over 1,000 relevant films that may be viewed on our home page and by going to the bottom of this page and selecting one of the two links. We broadcast films globally . . . on PBS stations, community access television and elsewhere as a means of combating rampant censorship and distortion of factual information. As many of you know, roughly 95% of the American media censor that which we provide. Please help by making a tax deductible donation now of $1 $5 $10 $20 $30 $50 $100 $200 $500 or $1,000+. Our mailing address is Global Information Services, 336 Bon Air Center # 441, Greenbrae, CA 94904. Our phone number is (415) 459-8738 and our email address is altencon@aol.com. Thank you. • Jeff Gates, author of Guilt by Association . . . Global Information Services (GIS), does a terrific job of providing the information and resources required to educate and inform millions of viewers about the primary source of terrorism worldwide: the long-running agent provocateur operation known as the Israeli occupation of Palestine. Although pro-Israelis dominate mainstream media, you as an individual or with others are able to air GIS-provided films on your local TV station and elsewhere. Contact GIS and they will provide assistance. By helping ensure that these films are shown, you can help protect a system of governance based on informed consent. Guilt By Association was written to provide the "tools of perception" so that readers can identify for themselves the all-important "how" by which facts are displaced by manipulated beliefs . . . including the belief that Israel is an ally rather than an enemy. Readers routinely report that the book enables them to identify who is complicit in this ongoing duplicity. The perceptual tools required to grasp the "how" of this duplicity have long been missing. Guilt By Association fills that void. More analyses are found on www.criminalstate.com. As GIS films confirm, we are in the midst of a war in which the U.S. has been made to appear guilty by its association with what the Joint Chiefs described in 1948 as an enclave of "fanatics" determined to use our blood and treasure to achieve "military and economic hegemony in the Middle East." That agenda is now well advanced. Please see below for several excerpts from Guilt By Association” - How Deception and Self-Deceit Took America to War. • John Pilger, Author and Filmmaker www.johnpilger.com – regarding my endorsement of the televised film series, "America, Israel and Palestine: Cause and Effect". "Global Information Services, led by Fred Shepherd, is to be congratulated for such an imaginative, tenacious, necessary and, above all, principled campaign to utilize public access television stations and persuade public broadcasters in the United States that they have both a duty and a responsibility to show all sides of the conflict in Palestine. My film, "Palestine Is Still The Issue," shows many sides; it is neither anti-Arab, nor anti-Jewish, but pro-justice. It puts forth the little-heard case that the Palestinians are a deeply and unjustly treated people, victims of an occupation declared illegal many times under international law. And yet most of the people appearing in the film are Israelis, some of them extraordinary, such as Rami, the father who lost his daughter in a dreadful suicide attack. Listen to him, and you will realise just how restricted has been the debate on Palestine. The Israeli settlers are given their say; the Israeli Government spokesman is the longest interview in the film. And the Palestinians you hear are voices of humanity and reason. The Independent Television Commission, the regulatory body in Britain, examined my film minutely and concluded that it was "fair and balanced" and "expertly researched" and "made with integrity". That PBS still has not shown this film is shaming, and I call on its professionals to reconsider." When people ask me, "What can I do?" I often say, "Look at what Fred Shepherd does." Fred, you may use my film, “Palestine Is Still the Issue” as you choose. Be assured, you have all my support. Warmest regards, John Pilger. • From Phil Greenspan, deceased . . . Hi Fred, As you well know from our conversations, I am eager to provide the public with a dependable source of news. Over the years the quality of news published by the major newspapers, and by the radio and television networks has deteriorated. With the demise, consolidation and conglomeration of many news sources, competition has disappeared. There still are reliable sources that one can tap--books, alternate media, the internet--but to get it requires a desire, motivation, time and effort. The general public with many other priorities just accepts the easily available garbage. As a result they are ill informed. A dangerous condition because the citizenry can be conned into supporting ill conceived policies. Exactly what is happening today. As an activist I knew that the myths disseminated by the major media had to be exposed by providing the public with a convenient access to the truth. But how? You, Fred, came to the rescue with quality films that can be shown on public access television. I was so excited with the tools you provided me with--films, advice and encouragement, that I had to write about it in detail and have it published. You can find my essay at http://www.swans.com/library/art12/pgreen86.html .

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  • Palestine is Still the Issue

    John Pilger presents extraordinary scenes and interviews with Palestinians and Israelis.

  • Life In Occupied Palestine

    Anna Baltzer, a Jewish American with the IWPS, documents the human rights abuses perpetrated by the Israelis.

  • Loss of Liberty

    Israeli attack and murder of 34 American sailors and wounding of 174 aboard the USS Liberty Ship on June 8, 1967. Covered-up by the United States and Israel.

  • The Easiest Targets

    Five women — Palestinian, American, Muslim, Christian, Jewish — tell stories of humiliation and harassment by Israeli border guards and airport security officials.

  • Until When

    Life under Israel's illegal occupation of Palestine for four Palestinian families living in Dheisheh Refugee Camp near Bethlehem.

  • Guilt by Association

    American politics is traced to an alliance with elites and extremists loyal to the land of Israel.

  • Global Warning

    A conversation with a former Israeli nuclear technician Mordechai Vanunu

  • Edward Said: On Orientalism

    This film follows the life of a Muslim American doctor and teacher in a post 9-11 world.

  • This Is Not Your War

    Lynn Gras, an American nurse travels to Palestine as a volunteer to train others in neonatal intensive care at a hospital under siege by Israel.

  • Right Of Return

    The ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians by the Israelis must stop and all Palestinians must have the "Right of Return."

  • Tell Me Why: For the Children of Gaza

    Israel's invasion of Gaza and its wanton slaughter of defenseless children and their parents.

  • Confronting the Wall

    The mission of Break the Silence Arts Project is to use culture in the struggle for justice and peace in Palestine/Israel.

  • The Children of IBDAA

    The lives of adolescents in a Palestinian children's dance troupe from a refugee camp in the West Bank.

  • Israel Myths & Propaganda

    Israeli Professor Ilan Pappe reveals the truth about the 1948 Arab-Israeli War and the ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

  • Arna's Children

    Arna, a brave Jewish woman, spends her time and other resources providing a theater and acting lessons for Palestinian children.

  • Mark Braverman

    After a visit with family in Israel, Mark realized that there was a fatal flaw with the Zionist project.

  • Dead In The Water

    Cover-up of Israel's attack of the USS Liberty on June 8, 1967 - 34 sailors murdered by napalm, torpedoes, missiles and machine guns. US jet fighters responded but were recalled half way to the battle. Why?

  • Missing Links

    Israel's negative impact on America & other countries: 9/11, attack on USS Liberty, theft of state secrets, control of our government's policies re the Middle East and much more.

  • Beyond the Mirage

    Stories from those who live in illegally occupied Palestine that are seldom heard in the American media. Another demonstration of the censorship by pro-Israel media owners.

  • Ambassador Afif Safieh

    Palestinian Ambassador to the US discusses the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the Pro-Palestinian movement in the US and Europe and internal Palestinian politics.

  • Azmi Bishara

    Israeli Professor Ilan Pappe reveals the truth about the 1948 Arab-Israeli War and the ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

    59 pages with links of the internet films.

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    Last updated on November 29, 2011